Samir Dave is a Kenyan born self-taught travel/landscape photographer with a passion for the outdoors. Samir quit high school in Mombasa at the age of seventeen and spent the following year exploring India where the travel bug bit him.

After returning to Kenya and a couples of jobs later, Samir relocated to Nairobi. His role required him to travel within East and South Central Africa and he spent a lot of his free time writing short quips and anecdotes about his travels that he would share on his personal Facebook page. With the launch of Instagram, Samir found a new and visually exciting way of sharing these travel stories with vibrant images accompanying his narratives.

As Samir planted his roots in Nairobi, he joined group of young photographers with a shared passion for showcasing the city. Through their rooftop photography, they highlighted Nairobi in a way that had previously never been seen.

Working and travelling within Africa full time, Samir started utilising his annual leave days to see as many new countries as possible. Despite being employed full time, Samir managed to travel extensively and share his travels through Instagram.

He is now on a mission to make this his full time career and share his passion even more while creating unique photographs around the world.

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