My introduction to blogging.

A very close friend of mine, Kamal started a blog some time back. Due to her unique writing style, easy to follow narrations and most of all a real life perspective ensured that it was well received by a wide audience.

When I showed her a short story that I was messing around with, she insisted that I publish it.

I had neither the time or patience. She might not have the time, but she did have the patience. She posted it on her blog and ‘coerced’ many a fan of hers to read, comment, retweet, share on facebook, the list is endless.

So here is my first blog post dedicated to the one person, that pushed me to get here…. Here is to my inspiration. Here is to that one person who put me first and believed in me.

Here is to my friend and my mentor, Kamal Kaur……

Kamal and I at my birthday in 2010
Kamal and I at my birthday in 2010

Oh and do check out her blog ( where I shall feature an episode of my short story Bleeding Streets every Wednesday.

Thanks and regards,



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