Stars aren’t born….. It takes hard work to be one….

As a student living in Nairobi, we all know the ways we have budgeted and saved up and cut corners to have a FULFILLING weekend. We would skip a couple of meals for that extra beer on the weekend.

We would cut short the call (from the call box) to a loved one to use less money, just for that extra drink…..

Then there was the classic move of sussing out and gate crashing parties in order to get inebriated for free or cheap.

I had to explain the above because of who I am about to talk about next. At one of these parties, we met a young shy gentleman. He had no idea who we were, we had no idea who he was. We had gatecrashed a party and were busy trying to consume as much alcohol as possible and sneak out.

So this tall gentleman who had bumped in to us, hung out with us for a little while.

Since he was quiet and trying to be unobtrusive, we suspected he had gatecrashed too and was trying to keep a low profile. So we bonded with him and as all men do over alcohol, we discussed our future. “I want to DJ at big massive raves…” he had told us. He told us how his father knew a lot of musicians since he works with them and he believed this kid could sing. If you are a guy and have never uttered these words “Hey guys, maybe we should open our own bar” then you really haven’t enjoyed alcohol to it’s fullest capability. Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating alcohol, just telling you what you may have missed on.

Well at that point we thought this kid was drunk and was talking sh*t. I remember teasing him that once he became famous, he should look us up and link us with good jobs in the entertainment industry. He solemnly promised that he would never forget me or the others but said he would look into the job part of the deal.

Later on in the night we confided in him that we had gatecrashed. He confided in us that he was the hosts best friend. We were royally screwed. However, the ‘kid’ did not sell us out but introduced us to all as HIS guests to the party.

Seven years down the line, this kid has gone from strength to strength. He is now and international star with a global following who to date reminds me of the promise he made me. He still calls just to say “wassup?”. He is Gupz, a kid no more…


He has been storming the International Asian charts with his hit single Kerre Velle. He is being mentioned on radio stations from Mumbai to Denmark. He is now what he envisioned what he would be.

Please help nominate this gentleman with a humble soul and a big heart on the Brit Asia Music awards

Here is the original Kenyan Munda and his hit single Kerre Velle with Internationally acclaimed Metz ‘N’ Trix


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