Some more pic’s from my travels

A few years back, some friends and I decided that we needed an epic getaway that we would remember for the rest of our lives. I don’t know about them, but for me every trip away with my wife (not away from) is memorable enough.

This time we decided to incorporate my birthday and new years into one massive party and decided to go to Thailand. I know, I know taking your wife to Thailand is like taking tea to Kericho but this was my birthday party and I intended to invite who I wanted, the Mrs. not withstanding.

I had then just bought a Sony H10 as a practising camera before I invest in a DSLR and here are three pictures that I particularly love. Some are enhanced on photoshop some are original. As always, feedback will be appreciated.

Buddha Temples are abundant in Asia, but this is one of my favourites


The Golden Palace, Bangkok


Fireworks go off at midnight on New Years Eve over the Koh Samui seaside.

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