The Traffic Amendment Bill and the Hoo Haa around it – My two cents in

Hi all,

As is true Kenyan fashion, we put the cart before the horse. Please have a look at this link:


As you will notice, the bill is still being read in parliament and has not been gazetted or enacted as law. The emails and messages people are callously sending out are a “PROPOSED” bill and have yet to be enacted. If you are charged under any of those offences as per the PROPOSED bill, then the officer is trying to exhort money from you.

Please, please, PLEASE do some research before circulating emails and messages that can create paranoia.

However, the above is based on some research after input from a lawyer friend. Should you have contrary information, or the gazette notice stating the proposal as Law, I will gladly rescind my above statements and apologise for the inconvenience.


Samir Dave


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