A couple of thoughts running through my head

This tax increase is half a right move.

If it had been coupled with increasing the minimum taxable wage to say 50,000.00 you would increase the real disposable income for a huge percent of the working population.

Their increased spending power will spur purchasing trends. This in turn will create demand from local industries leading to higher employment.

The taxes from higher production and more employed Kenyans will spur all sectors of the economy.

But hey that’s just me, an uneducated fool voicing my opinion and seeing my hard earned tax-shillings fund holidays for ministers.

Secondly, with the advent of mobile technology and Mpesa, I’m sure there’s a smart chap somewhere that can devise a program that can allow users to pay for parking ticket via Mpesa. The machine prints out a receipt with a QR Code that can be read by marshals.

No ticket = clamping.

Since the ticket was generated using your mobile, it can sms you when you have say 10 minutes left.

Expired ticket allows the Marshal by scanning the code to alert you to make immediate payment and deduct the amount due via your Mpesa account or at your next top up.

Anyone feel this is a feasible idea? Given the fact that NCC has declared it can’t afford to keep all its employees.


2 thoughts on “A couple of thoughts running through my head

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