The Dalmore “Black Isle” 12yr old, 43%

So I got this whisky a while back and have been looking for a worthy occasion to open it. After much contemplation (and a lousy day at work) I decided that opening it would be the occasion worth celebrating.

So after a maddening drive home that included rain, matatus and obnoxious cops, I decided not to wait anymore….

At this juncture I ought to admit I’m a sucker for that first whiff when you get when you ease out the cork. It makes my knees wobbly and my stomach travels the distance of a tennis court.

The Dalmore does not disappoint. The first scent is like a humidor lined with apricots or prunes… Extremely sensuous…

I poured some out, oh the awesome reddish gold colour, almost like an amalgam of copper, gold and rust…. A sexy redhead…

Dalmore 12yo
The Dalmore “Black Isle” 12 year old, 43%

I was overjoyed. I couldn’t wait a moment…. but like a new love, she had to be, well, enjoyed. Slowly. Surely. Respectfully…

The Dalmore has an interesting nose. A bit smoky, almost like a cross between toast, a cheap cigar, moist wood (sherry?) and rum. I took another breath. If you close your eyes, you could imagine yourself at that inn mentioned at the begining of R. L. Stevenson’s Treasure Island.

I swirl the whisky in the glass and take a small sip..

I now understand what velvet means. Almost slippery, it slides around the mouth almost like mercury in a cup. Liquid velvet.

The palate is slow, almost sluggish but it does not disappoint either.
As I swish it a bit more, the flavours come through. You can just about make out the taste of sherry wood before the other flavours punch your palate silly. I got a taste reminiscent of slightly over-ripe oranges, or like orange jelly babies, then strong sherry. Slightly, very slightly salty with a hint of spice (ginger and cinamon?)

The finish was long and it stayed around in the mouth. It was almost tarty but not nasty. Spicy, peppery but delicious.

My only regret, I had it before dinner.

No matter, dinners going to be ready in abit. After dinner, its The Dalmore, a Romeo y Julieta No. 2 and short trip to heaven for me..


Originally posted by me on Facebook,  Thursday, 16 October 2008 at 19:39


4 thoughts on “The Dalmore “Black Isle” 12yr old, 43%

  1. love it! I’ve been eyeing a bottle of this at a store I pass by. Need to reward myself one day. You should also meet my friend @daviwandamu he describes food & liquor as passionately as you do.


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